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Windows Managed Cloud Servers

A Windows Cloud Server is the perfect solution for growing websites. Server Intellect’s Windows Cloud Servers provide scalability, redundancy, and flexibility. A Cloud Server allows you to start small, and scale resources as needed.

Why choose a Server Intellect Cloud Server?

  • Scalable Resources
  • Performance Optimized
  • Best Practice Security
  • Fully Managed
  • Configured by Experts
  • Ready in 24 Hours or Less
  • Fixed ‘One Price’ Billing
  • No Hidden Charges
  • No Unexpected Overages

Cloud Server Recommendations

For over 10 years Server Intellect has engineered, built, and maintained thousands of servers in data centers all over the world. We follow best practices and take into consideration performance, security, disaster recovery, and of course budget. Start your configuration by choosing one of our Windows Cloud Server options below. Please Contact Us if the below solutions do not fit your needs.

Cloud Server 1x Cloud Server 2x Cloud Server 4x
Entry level Cloud Server with 1 GB Memory that is a great starter server. Mid level Cloud Server with 2 GB Memory for increased resources and speed. High level Cloud Server with 4 GB Memory for maximum performance.
Processing Power 1
1 x 2.0GHz Core
Processing Power
Processing Power 2
2 x 2.0GHz Core
Processing Power
Processing Power 3
4 x 2.0GHz Core
Processing Power
Memory 1
Memory 2
Memory 3
Hard Drive 1
100 GB
SAN Storage
Hard Drive 2
100 GB
SAN Storage
Hard Drive 3
100 GB
SAN Storage
Windows Server
Windows Server 2012
R2 Datacenter Edition
Windows Server
Windows Server 2012
R2 Datacenter Edition
Windows Server
Windows Server 2012
R2 Datacenter Edition
100% Fully Managed 100% Fully Managed 100% Fully Managed
$0 Setup $199 per month $0 Setup $249 per month $0 Setup $349 per month
100% Money Back Guarantee!
100% Money Back Guarantee!
100% Money Back Guarantee!
Cloud Server Features
All Cloud Servers are fully loaded, expert configured, and 'turn-key' ready!
  • 1,000 GB premium public outbound bandwidth
  • Unlimited inbound bandwidth to server
  • Unlimited private network bandwidth
Uplink Port
  • Dual 100 Mbps Public Ports
  • Dual 100 Mbps Private Ports
IP Addresses
  • 1 Primary Static IPV4 Address
  • Multiple Internet Backbone Connections
  • Cisco Systems 10G Network
  • Cisco Guard DDOS Protection
  • Arbor Peakflow Traffic Analysis
  • Arbor Atlas Global Traffic Analyzer
  • Geographically Redundant DNS
Remote Access
  • Remote Desktop
  • Reboot / KVM over IP
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition
  • McAfee Anti-Virus
Disaster Planning
  • Dual Location Backups
  • Local Server Backups
  • Remote Enterprise Backups
  • Complete Recovery Assistance
  • Unlimited Expert Consulting
Our Guarantee
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy Monthly Payment Plans
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • No-Hassle Cancellation
  • No Unexpected Overages
  • Simple Fixed Price Billing
Cloud Server Advantages
Compared to traditional dedicated server solutions, Server Intellect’s Cloud Servers provide you with a more flexible, affordable, and stable solution. Get in touch with one of our Cloud Specialists today to discuss your specific needs.
Features Cloud Server Dedicated Server
Scale Your Resources in Minutes icon-green-checkmark No
No Downtime from Hardware Maintenance icon-green-checkmark No
Dedicated Hardware Resources No icon-green-checkmark
Fault Tolerant Infrastructure icon-green-checkmark No
Isolated Environment icon-green-checkmark icon-green-checkmark
Full Administrative Access icon-green-checkmark icon-green-checkmark
Automated Recovery from Failed Hardware icon-green-checkmark No
Managed Firewall icon-green-checkmark icon-green-checkmark
Private Network icon-green-checkmark icon-green-checkmark
VPN Access icon-green-checkmark icon-green-checkmark
Common Questions
Questions? Here are some common questions regarding our products and services.
Why do I need a server?
Our servers provide you with the means to develop test and deploy web applications and services on a platform tailored to meet your requirements. Server resources, configuration and access are under your control.
Which server should I choose?
Your CPU, RAM, Hard Drive space and Bandwidth requirements will help determine the server best suited to your purpose. For small to medium website deployments, our Economy Series Dedicated servers would be a good fit. Professional or Enterprise Series Dedicated Servers are suited to large website deployments, heavy traffic websites or highly available applications.
Do I have to personally manage my server?
Our Dedicated servers include full administrative access via Remote Desktop, so you have the freedom to choose how to manage your server. Depending on your needs, experience, and preferences we can assist in management tasks or provide full management services.
Can you migrate my data from other hosting providers?
Yes! Our ServiceFirst Support team will handle the transfer of your applications and services from your current provider as part of our service commitment to you.
100% Money Back Guarantee
Server Intellect provides a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with our services.

We are so confident that our ServiceFirst Support™ Team will meet and exceed your expectations, we provide a 100% 14 day money back guarantee on all services!

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

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