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Mail Servers

Windows Dedicated Mail Servers

Enterprise mail solutions, at affordable small business prices. Each of our Windows Dedicated Mail Server packages come standard equipped with SmarterMail by SmarterTools. Upgrade your mail user account to ensure that your business mail solution will stay scalable.
100% Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Mail Server Recommendations

For over 10 years, Server Intellect has engineered, built, and maintained thousands of Windows database servers in data centers all over the world. We follow best practices and take into consideration performance, security, disaster recovery, and budget. The configurations below are recommended by our team for Mail Server deployments.

  • Intel E3-1230, Quad-Core

    Starting at
    mo Free Setup
    Specs up to
    • Cores: 4×3.3 GHz
    • Storage: 2×500 GB
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • Bandwidth: 10TB
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  • Intel E5520, Dual Quad-Core

    Starting at
    mo Free Setup
    Specs up to
    • Cores: 8×2.6 GHz
    • Storage: 2×1 TB
    • RAM: 16 GB
    • Bandwidth: 10TB
    Buy Now
  • Trusted By
After 11 years of providing web design services and two other hosting companies prior to Server Intellect; the decision to have our services through you was the best decision we have ever made! With over 300 web sites that we host, Server Intellect has provided the best support services of any hosting company! Thank you!
Steve Trebon
Owner, Advaia, Inc.

Windows Dedicated Mail Servers

All of our solutions are completely customizable and backed by our ServiceFirst Supportâ„¢ Team.

Exchange-Level Mail Server

SmarterMail is a feature equivalent alternative to Microsoft Exchange. With enterprise level security, antispam, webmail and mobile access, and many more. If you prefer to use Microsoft Exchange we have several Microsoft Exchange Solutions available.

Active Directory Supported by Unity

Contact us for help with your active directory solution

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