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How to FTP using Command Prompt

How to FTP using Windows Command Prompt

Go to the Start Menu and Click Run… kb-global-start-run
In the Run dialog box, type cmd and click OK kb-global-cmd
The Windows Command Prompt will open. Type the following command to connect to your server: ftp Where is your domain or the FTP Server IP Address found in the HELM Control Panel under the FTP Account Details. kb-cmdftplogin Once you hit Enter it will attempt to connect to the server. If it is successful, you will be prompted for a Username and Password. Enter the FTP username and password information to login. Once you have Logged in, you should see a line like ftp>
To list the Directory Contents, use the command dir kb-cmdftplogindir You have successfully connected to your server through FTP using Windows Command Prompt. More FTP Commands: ABORabort a file transfer CWDchange working directory DELEdelete a remote file LISTlist remote files MDTM – return the modification time of a file MKDmake a remote directory NLSTname list of remote directory PASS – send password PASV – enter passive mode PORT – open a data port PWDprint working directory QUIT – terminate the connection RETRretrieve a remote file RMDremove a remote directory RNFRrename from RNTOrename to SITEsite-specific commands SIZE – return the size of a file STORstore a file on the remote host TYPE – set transfer type USER – send username

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