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How To FTP with CuteFTP 8 (and disable PASV mode)

This article will show you how to set up a new FTP site in CuteFTP 8.3 Professional.

You may download a trial version of CuteFTP from their website:
Open CuteFTP

Click File, New, and select “FTP Site…”


Enter a Label for the site, this will be a friendly name for you to remember what this saved connection is for.

Enter your FTP address under the Host address field. This is typically in the format of ““.

Enter your FTP Username in the Username field.

Enter your FTP Password in the Password field.


Click on the Type tab.


Click on the dropdown arrow for “Data connection type”.


Select “Use PORT”.


Click Connect to connect to the FTP site.
If successful, it will show “Connected” in the top bar of the window. You can now drag and drop files from your local computer (left window pane) to the FTP server (right window pane).


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