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How do I See What Browsers Visitors are Using to View My Site in SmarterStats?

SmarterStats does provide a way to view specifically which browsers that users are viewing to see your site. First, you …

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How do I Manually Add a Domain to SmarterStats?

Log in to SmaterStats as admin. Click “New” under the Sites heading. There will be three main headings at the …

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SmarterMail Minimum Password Requirements

Currently we are setting up Smartermail to require the passwords created to be a minimum of 6 characters with a …

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SmarterMail – Mailing List Settings

List Settings Below are the settings for the list function in SmarterMail: List name – This is the name of …

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Setting up Activesync on SmarterMail

Login to your email address via the SmarterMail web interface and choose the ‘Synchronization Center’. This shows you the available …

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Import Mailbox Data to SmarterMail from Third-Party Mail Servers

Individual users can use the mailbox migration tool within the webmail interface to import existing email and collaboration data from …

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How to Sync SmarterMail with the iPhone Using CardDAV and CalDAV

NOTE: for ease of configuration on iPhone/Mac the system administrator should setup a CalDAV and CardDAV SRV DNS record. This …

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How to Create a User in SmarterMail Manually

To create a new user in SmarterMail, follow these steps: Login into the SmarterMail web interface as the Domain Administrator …

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How do I set the Default Domain Disk Space Quota in SmarterMail?

Log in to SmarterMail as admin. Click on the Settings icon at the top of the page. Click on Domain …

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How do I set SmarterMail Log Detail Levels?

SmarterMail 4: Log into SmarterMail as admin. Mouseover the Settings tab at the top. Click Log Settings from the dropdown …

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How do I Impersonate Email User in SmarterMail?

SmarterMail 4: Log into SmarterMail as Admin. Navigate to “Manage“. Click “Impersonate User” from the dropdown menu. Enter the email …

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How do I Enable User Account as Domain Administrator in SmarterMail?

Log into SmarterMail as admin. Right-click the domain you wish to manage, select “Settings” and click “Users“. Right-click the user …

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How do I Check Mailbox Disk Usage for a Domain in SmarterMail?

Log in to SmarterMail as the admin. SmarterMail v4: Next to the Domain in question, click Actions. Click Domain Disk …

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How do I Change the Domain Size Limit on Existing Domain in SmarterMail?

SmarterMail 4: Click on Actions next to the Domain in question. Click Edit Domain. Click the Limits tab. Enter the …

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