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Connect to a Database using Studio Express

SQL Server Management Studio Express is available for free from Microsoft: Download SQL Server Management Studio express

Step 1

Navigate to Start -> Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 2005 -> SQL Server Management Studio Express. kb-sql-connect-db-3

Step 2

Upon opening the program, you should be prompted with a Connect to Server box. Fill out the fields with your database information. kb-sql-connect-db-2

Step 3

The Server Name field is the IP of the Database Server. You also must include “,2433′ after the IP to specify port ’2433′. The Authentication field should be ‘SQL Server Authentication’ by default. The Login field is the username you have set up for the database. The Password field is the password you have set up for the user. Optionally, to connect to a specific database only, Click on the “Options” button. Then click on the “Connection Properties” tab. kb-sql-connect-db-1 Then type in the Name of the Database you wish to connect to, and Click Connect.

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