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Restore Database using Management Studio Express

First, navigate to Start -> Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 2005 -> SQL Server Management Studio Express

Step 1

Upon opening the program, you should be prompted with a Connect to Server box. Fill out the fields with your database information.


Step 2

The Server Name field is the IP of the Database Server. You also must include ‘,2433′ after the IP to specify port ’2433′.

The Authentication field should be SQL Server Authentication by default.

The Login field is the username you have set up for the database.

The ‘Password’ field is the password you have set up for the user.

Upon connecting, you will see a window similar to the picture below. On the left, select/expand Databases and find your Database name.


Step 3

Right click on your database and go to Tasks -> Restore -> Database


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Step 4

Select From device and click the small grey box on the right labeled . A window will pop up, Click Add and browse to the location of your .bak file. Click OK.

Check the checkbox under the column Restore next to the database information in the bottom pane.

Go to the Options (top-left).

Check Overwrite the existing database.


Step 5

Click OK to begin the database restoration.

Now that your database is restored, we have to make sure the users associated with the database have proper permissions.

Collapse the Databases directory in the left window. Expand the Security folder and go to Logins and find the Username associated with the database. Right click on the Username and go to Properties.


Step 6

Go to the User Mapping on the top-left. Locate your database in top-right window pane list and make sure the checkbox is checked next to it. Once the database is selected, make sure the db_owner checkbox is checked in the bottom window pane and click OK.


If this has completed with No Errors then you have successfully restored your database!

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