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How to Block an IP Address using IPSec

For various reasons, you may find yourself wanting to block a specific IP address from accessing your server.

Simply following these instructions showing how to create an IPSec Security Policy specifying to block access to a specific IP address.

Step 1

Click on the Start Menu and Click on Run.


Step 2

Type “secpol.msc” and Click OK.


Step 3

When the Local Security Settings console opens, Click on “IP Security Policies on Local Computer“.


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Step 4

Right Click in the Right Window Pane and Click “Create IP Security Policy“.


Step 5

Click Next when the Wizard opens.


Step 6

Here you can name your new IPSec Security Policy. In this example, we named it “Blocked IPs”. When you are ready, Click Next.


Step 7

Click Next


Step 8

Click Next


Step 9

Click Yes


Step 10

Click Finish


Step 11

Uncheck the “Use Add Wizard” checkbox, then Click “Add…“.


Step 12

Click the “Add…” button.


Step 13

Uncheck the “Use Add Wizard” checkbox, then Click “Add…“.


Step 14

Click the dropdown menu for “Source address” and choose “A specific IP Address“.


Step 15

Here is where you enter what IP address you want to Block. In this example, we are going to block “″.


Step 16

Click the dropdown menu for “Destination address” and choose “My IP Address“, then Click OK.


Step 17

Click OK


Step 18

Select the newly created Filter, and click on the “Filter Action” tab.


Step 19

Select the “SI – Deny” Rule and Click Apply.


Step 20

Click OK, then Apply and OK again to get back to the main console window.
Right Click on the newly created IPSec Security Policy, and select “Assign“.


Step 21

If successfull, it should state that the policy is assigned. Your server is now blocking all requests to that specific IP address.


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