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How to Block an IP Address using IPSec

For various reasons, you may find yourself wanting to block a specific IP address from accessing your server. Simply following these instructions showing how to create an IPSec Security Policy specifying to block access to a specific IP address.

Step 1

Click on the Start Menu and Click on Run. kb-blockip-1

Step 2

Type “secpol.msc” and Click OK. kb-blockip-2/>

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Step 3

When the Local Security Settings console opens, Click on “IP Security Policies on Local Computer“. kb-blockip-3

Step 4

Right Click in the Right Window Pane and Click “Create IP Security Policy“. kb-blockip-4

Step 5

Click Next when the Wizard opens. kb-blockip-5

Step 6

Here you can name your new IPSec Security Policy. In this example, we named it “Blocked IPs”. When you are ready, Click Next. kb-blockip-6

Step 7

Click Next kb-blockip-7

Step 8

Click Next kb-blockip-8

Step 9

Click Yes kb-blockip-9

Step 10

Click Finish kb-blockip-10

Step 11

Uncheck the “Use Add Wizard” checkbox, then Click “Add…“. kb-blockip-11

Step 12

Click the “Add…” button. kb-blockip-12

Step 13

Uncheck the “Use Add Wizard” checkbox, then Click “Add…“. kb-blockip-13

Step 14

Click the dropdown menu for “Source address” and choose “A specific IP Address“. kb-blockip-14

Step 15

Here is where you enter what IP address you want to Block. In this example, we are going to block “″. kb-blockip-15

Step 16

Click the dropdown menu for “Destination address” and choose “My IP Address“, then Click OK. kb-blockip-16

Step 17

Click OK kb-blockip-17

Step 18

Select the newly created Filter, and click on the “Filter Action” tab. kb-blockip-18

Step 19

Select the “SI – Deny” Rule and Click Apply. kb-blockip-19

Step 20

Click OK, then Apply and OK again to get back to the main console window. Right Click on the newly created IPSec Security Policy, and select “Assign“. kb-blockip-20

Step 21

If successfull, it should state that the policy is assigned. Your server is now blocking all requests to that specific IP address. kb-blockip-21

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