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Cloud Hosting: the Importance of Planning Ahead

Companies across all industries are making the switch to cloud hosting solutions because of the many benefits the platform has to offer. From reducing costs to optimizing performance, the advantages of cloud hosting are easy to see. However, in order to get the most out of this solution, it is important to carefully plan ahead for the switch. Otherwise, employees will be unprepared for the change and companies could run into unforeseen obstacles that hold back their efforts. Here are a few ways to brace for the impact that a change in technology can bring to business operations and employees’ responsibilities for the best long-term results.

Cloud hosting solutions include services such as managed backups, website monitoring, web statistics, and email hosting. These services are meant to streamline business processes, but they can only reach their potential with the proper planning and implementation. The goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible, as opposed to causing a disruption in daily operations. The most effective way to accomplish this objective is by transforming the business to manage the technology. And at Server Intellect, we have the resources to do just that. We clear up some of the confusion about cloud servers with our cloud hosting “facts” page, and we have a support team standing by to discuss all of your specific needs.

Employee Responsibilities
Part of planning ahead for the switch is making sure employees are properly informed about their new roles and responsibilities. Cloud hosting services take the hassle of server management off IT departments so they can focus on other initiatives; however, they still have some influence when it comes to maximizing the performance of these solutions. For example, who will be the person responsible for communicating with the cloud hosting provider? Without a plan, responsibilities could be blurred, and subsequently, employees could become frustrated and ultimately performance could suffer. The only way to avoid these problems is by putting a process in place ahead of time. All it takes is discussion and consultation to create a framework that satisfies employees and reaches full ROI potential.

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