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Dedicated Server Hosting used for Gaming

Sick and tired of your game glitching and jumping on you during game play? Instead of relying on your wireless internet connection, use Dedicated Server Hosting the next time you and your buddies all get together and play Call of Duty or any other game that you’re in to.

Imagine experiencing multi-player action and high intensity sequences without any glitches or connectivity issues. A true gamers dream right? Many gaming hosts, like WarCraft and MineCraft, use dedicated server hosting for their online communities to ensure the millions of users, or even smaller hosted parties, don’t experience any connection issues. You can also use these servers as a host for your Call of Duty multiplayer gaming groups with friends, so that way you and your friends can enjoy a glitch free night of friendly warfare.

Dedicated Server Hosting is a must for anyone who is planning on starting up an online gaming network. Nothing will kill a gaming community quicker than a server crashing every time you see a spike in traffic. The more online users the better, so make sure your servers are equipped to handle it with Server Intellect’s dedicated server hosting services. Our services offer a tremendous amount of customization, control, security, and speed. Allowing gamers everywhere to concentrate on world domination, and not their connection.

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