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The Importance of Disaster Recovery Services during Hurricane Season

The 2011 hurricane season is in full swing and is forecasted to have above-average activity. From now until November, United States coastal areas are particularly vulnerable to floods, extremely high winds, and power outages. The potential for disaster for businesses in Hurricane Alley is fairly easy to predict. It’s the way these businesses react to the damage that is less certain. The best way for businesses to survive in the wake of these storms is by developing a comprehensive disaster recovery plan – one that goes far beyond boarding up the windows and doors with plywood.

The aftermath of a hurricane can have devastating effects on businesses: power outages can cause losses of critical data, floods can destroy servers and hardware, and debris from the storm can prevent key employees from getting to the office to keep the company up and running. First and foremost is employees’ physical safety, so the disaster recovery plan should address maintaining their protection. In today’s increasingly computer-driven business world, backup and recovery solutions for your server should be a priority as well. The plan should also focus on maintaining productivity between vendors so the business can continue to function as seamlessly as possible.

At Server Intellect, we have a Disaster Recovery service that addresses some of these important issues. Our complete backup and recovery solution uses enterprise-level backup software that covers your entire server. If your hardware happens to fail, you will have the option of recovering selected files or everything included in the cloud servers. We believe it’s better to be ready for a failure that never occurs rather than to be caught unprepared. After all, hurricane shutters are important, but they won’t replicate mission-critical data or communicate to your customers for you.

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