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Why Managed Servers Are Lifesavers

Most of us do not realize what a vital part managed servers play in both personal and corporate life. Although we may have the ability to predict when certain natural catastrophes will occur, we have yet to figure out a way to stop them from happening. A common side effect from these disasters is a power outage that may stretch from a few seconds up to several days. In such an event, tons and tons of valuable information that may have been collected for years, could now be lost in cyberspace with no available tools for recovery. Unless(!) you and/or your business have your data backed up on either one or several managed servers, that is.

Think of it in terms of the recent, and quite sarcastic, GEICO commercial, where robots have replaced humans in the roles of modern daycare personnel. Insane, right? Who would leave their toddlers in the hands of a robot? Much like this commercial suggests, it would be insane to leave crucial information in the hands of uncontrolled machines. Therefore, our servers at Server Intellect are monitored by real humans who are on call 24/7, helping you with everything from data retention and email archiving, to server administration and security services.

So, next time an unexpected disastrous event comes knocking on your door, you can be sure that our managed servers will keep your information safely stored.

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