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Windows Server 2008 Hardware Requirements

Component Requirement Processor Minimum: 1 GHz (x86 processor) or 1.4 GHz (x64 processor) Recommended: 2 GHz or faster Note: An …

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Windows Server 2008 Web Edition DNS Role

Windows Server 2008 Web Edition is comparable to Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition. With Web Edition, Microsoft has removed much …

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Top 11 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows Server 2008

Powerful new tools, like Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0, virtualization (Hyper-V) and Server Manager, provide more control over your server …

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BC30456: ‘InitializeCulture’ is not a Member of ASP

Error Message: “BC30456: ‘InitializeCulture’ is not a member of ASP” Possible solutions: If you use Visual studio to publish your …

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Restore ASP.NET tab to web site Properties in IIS

A common issue with Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition is that occasionally, the ASP.NET tab in Internet Information Services will …

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How to Run an Infinite Ping

The ‘ping’ command in Windows Server is a tool used in checking to see if a specific domain name or IP …

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Disabling Automatic Updates

Windows Server 2003: Step 1 First, navigate to Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Services. Step 2 Once inside …

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Date and Time of Last Server Boot

Windows Server 2003 provides an easy way to find when since your server last booted up and how long it …

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How to Enable IPv6 on Windows Server 2003

As the next version of the TCP/IP Protocol, version 6, is slowly but surely coming into the mainstream, servers running …

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Manually Creating SPF Records on your Server

Step 1 Open up your Start Menu and navigate to Administrative Tools -> DNS. Step 2 Expand the ServerName (eg: sv2400), …

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Configuring Start-Up Options for Windows Server 2003

Some programs don’t always provide end-users easily accessible means to prevent them from automatically starting when Windows boots up. Thankfully, …

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Scheduling your Server to Automatically Reboot

Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2003 comes with the built-in ability to schedule your server to reboot at any time …

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Commonly Downloaded Files

There are many free downloads available from applicable to Windows Server 2003, mostly the Microsoft .NET Framework family and …

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Can I Host Virtual Servers on my Dedicated Server?

Absolutely! Virtual servers can be hosted on any dedicated server which meets the requirements! NOTE: Virtual servers can not be …

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