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How to Install SharePoint Services 3.0 SP1

Download the “Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 with Service Pack 1” setup file from Microsoft’s website using the link below. …

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How to Map a Network Drive

Step 1 Click on the Start Menu, and Right Click on the “My Computer” icon and choose “Map Network Drive…“. …

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How to Manually Install Windows Updates

By default all of our Windows 2003 Servers are set to automatically download and install updates. However, if you would …

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How to manually restart your Server

If you need to manually restart your Windows 2003 Server for any reason you can follow these steps. Step 1 …

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How to Configure Windows Automatic Updates Time

By default all Windows 2003 Servers are configured to automatically install Windows updates and reboot if needed. Typically most servers …

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Configuring Windows File System Permissions

To change the ability of sites or users to access file or folders on your VPS or Dedicated Server requires …

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My Server is Down, What Can I Do?

If your Dedicated Server goes down for any reason and does not come back up with in 15 minutes, you …

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How to Remote Desktop to your Server

This article will explain the steps necessary to connect to your virtual private or dedicated server using the Remote Desktop …

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Re-Registering the SMTP SnapIn Manually

Re-Registering the SMTP SnapIn can be easily accomplished through the Command Prompt. Step 1 Navigate to Start -> Run. Next to the field …

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Fixing a Black Remote Desktop Login Screen

Note: Editing your server’s registry is a very high-risk procedure. Please exercise extreme caution when working with the registry, as any …

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Resetting the Remote Desktop password

Resetting your Remote Desktop password can be accomplished quickly and easily. Step 1 Log into your server via a Remote …

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Remote Desktop Tab Missing in My Computer

When you right-click My Computer icon in the Desktop and choose Properties, the Remote tab may be missing. As a …

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Terminal Server has exceeded max number of connections

When a user establishes a Remote Desktop connection to the server this connection will remain active until the user selects “Log Off” …

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Completing a Certificate Request on Windows 2003

This article pertains only to dedicated server and VPS customers only. It assumes you have generated a certificate signing request …

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