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Create a Certificate Signing Request on Windows 2003

This article applies only to dedicated server and VPS accounts to create a certificate signing request on Windows 2003 and …

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Community Server Web Installation

Step 1 The first step is to login to the control panel using the user named and password provided in …

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Do you support Frontpage or Sharepoint services?

We sincerely apologize, however, at this time we do not support Frontpage or Sharepoint on our Shared hosting servers. Microsoft …

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Configuring PPTP Access for Windows XP

Step 1 In the Windows Control Panel, click on the Network Connections icon, then click Create a new connection. Step 2 …

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Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of Microsoft .NET–based media experiences and rich interactive …

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How to Perform a Traceroute

Traceroute is a tool used to determine the specific route taken by packets across a network. A traceroute can be …

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Do you Support SQLExpress?

Server Intellect does not support SQLExpress on our Web Servers. SQLExpress has the following resource limitations built into the software: …

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Do you Support RSS Feeds on Shared Hosting?

Yes, we do have support for this under the shared hosting accounts. If you are looking to bring the RSS …

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What is Bayesian Filtering?

Bayesian Filtering is a statistical method of SPAM detection. Bayesian filtering uses the probability that certain words appearing in email …

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What are the Most Commonly Used Internet Ports?

The Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is the communication protocol by which packets of data are sent and …

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What is PCI Compliance?

PCI stands for Payment Card Industry, and PCI compliance is a set of security standards, endorsed and developed by major credit card …

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What are SQL Injection Attacks?

SQL Injection Attacks are a very serious potential threat to your website. However, protecting your site against these attacks is …

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How to Reset your ASPDotNetStoreFront Admin login

In the event that you lose your Admin password and are unable to recover it via email, the password can be manually …

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What is a Trojan Downloader?

A Trojan Downloader is a malicious program typically installed through an exploit or some other deceptive means such as an …

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