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Using robots.txt File to Allow or Deny Search Engines

If you have portions of a website that you do not wish for search indexes to see, you can protect …

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301 Redirect

If you have to change file names or move pages around, your URL will change for that page. Using 301 …

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Redirecting a Webpage Using JavaScript

The following is a basic example of HTML and JavaScript code that redirects a web page to a specific URL: …

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How do I Increase the Timeout Value in SQL?

There are two places where you can specify Timeout settings in SQL. One being during the actual initialization of the connection …

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Send email using ASP.NET

This article applies to ASP.NET 2.0 Simply copy the code below and save it as textemail.aspx C# Version VB.NET Version

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Send ASP Email with CDOSYS

Use the following CDOSYS code to send a test email using ASP.NET.

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Programmatically Force a Webpage to use SSL

You can programmatically force your webpage to use SSL by using the following code in your page: VB.NET C#

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Use Microsoft Web Site Admin Tool on Shared Host

This article assumes you have already added the ASP.NET Membership/Roles Schema to a database. If not please refer to: Add …

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Do you Assist with Programming/Coding Issues?

We sincerely apologize, however, we do not assist with any issues directly related to programming errors. In the event you …

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How to Install PHP on IIS6/Server 2003

Step 1 To install PHP, First download the PHP.ZIP File. It is listed at the bottom of the article under …

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Disable ASP.NET Custom Errors in Web.Config

Many times during the processing of an ASP.NET application, you will get the following runtime error. This is a generic …

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System.SecurityException Error ASP 2.0

This error is a problem that is frequently encountered in shared hosting. The error is due to a higher trust …

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What is new in ASP.NET 3.5? Native ASP.NET AJAX support – AJAX support is now native to the .NET framework …

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MySQL 5.1.X Installation Procedure

Step 1 Download the Full Installer package to your Server’s Desktop: MySQl Installer Step 2 Open the Installation file. Click …

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