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How to Require a Secure Connection to a Domain

If you have an SSL Certificate for any of your domains, and would like the site to only load with …

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How to Change the Home Directory for a Domain in IIS

When a domain is created in the HELM Control Panel, it is given a default Home Directory folder where the …

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How to Import an SSL Certificate in .PFX Format

IIS 6 In a previous article, ‘How to Export an SSL Certificate in .PFX Format‘, we provided a walk-through for …

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Setting Virtual Directories as Applications in IIS

Some web applications will not function properly through Internet Information Services unless the Virtual Directory it is located within is …

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Setting up a URL Redirect through IIS

Setting up a redirect for your domain through Internet Information Services (IIS) can quickly accomplished in a few simple steps. …

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How to Set Permissions on WWWroot Folder

HTTP Error 401.3 – Unauthorized: Access is denied This error may occur if the file you are trying to access …

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Running IIS 5.0 Web Applications in IIS 6.0

Some Web Applications were written specifically for Internet Information Services (IIS) Version 5.0, and need custom configuration changes to function …

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Error Message: ‘Directory Listing Denied’

When a default page inside of a web directory is not set, not present or custom named, this error message …

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How to Create a Self-Signed SSL Certificate

Typically, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates are created for domains by first generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) through Internet …

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How to Export an SSL Certificate in .PFX Format

IIS 6 If you have an SSL Certificate for any hosted domain, it can easily be moved between servers by …

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Backing Up your IIS Configuration

Before making any major site changes or in preparation of the deployment of new websites, backing up the current configuration …

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List of Common MIME types

This chart shows you a list of common MIME types and their corresponding file extensions. Extension MIME type .3dm x-world/x-3dmf …

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MIME Types

MIME stands for “Multimedia Internet Mail Extensions.” MIME was originally invented to solve a similar problem for email attachments. A …

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Listing Active Client Connections

Windows Server 2003 provides an inherent ability to count and graph the number of active client connections to your server …

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