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All our engineers do is manage Microsoft Server environments. Nothing else. Our team of Microsoft Certified Engineers live, breath and sleep Azure Windows environments. We manage thousands of Azure servers for companies around the world. Let our team help you get back all the time you spend managing servers.

Powerful Control Panel

With the UNITY control panel, you’ll have complete oversight of your Azure environments, including monitoring and support tickets.

ServiceFirst Support

ServiceFirst is a unique automation and people-driven approach to support and managed services delivery. We take pride in putting customer service first.

All You Do is Sign Up

Simply create your account, install an agent, and our experts take it from there. It’s that easy.

Azure Migrations

Our team will move your data into Microsoft Azure for you.

General OS Management

We’ll manage, update, and maintain your OS for you.

Security and Firewalls

We’ll patch your OS, update your software, and keep bad guys out.

24x7x365 Monitoring

We’re always watching your servers so you don’t have to worry about them.


Our engineers will troubleshoot issues for you and provide a detailed report.

On-Demand Help

Need help? Have a question? An engineer is waiting 24x7x365 to help.

Get started today and our MCSE’s will manage your VMs tomorrow. Sign Up Now

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After 11 years of providing web design services and two other hosting companies prior to Server Intellect; the decision to have our services through you was the best decision we have ever made! With over 300 web sites that we host, Server Intellect has provided the best support services of any hosting company! Thank you!
Steve Trebon
Owner, Advaia, Inc.

You Control, We Manage.

Sign Up and Activation

Download and install our ServiceFirst Remote Agent on your server. You can do this yourself, or one of our engineers can do it for you by logging in remotely. Once installed, you will see a new icon in your task bar that will expand this menu when clicked.

Remote Monitoring

Our engineers will configure remote monitoring and routinely check on your servers so they always know what’s going on inside them. If any of the monitoring alerts go off, they will immediately be able to log in and troubleshoot the issue before it becomes a problem.

Advanced Security

We’ll prompt you to setup Two Factor Authentication so that when you access the remote management portal, we know it’s you and not an intruder. Two Factor uses something you know (your password) and something you have in possession (usually your smartphone) to confirm your identity. That way, if one or the other is lost or stolen, the thief cannot gain access to your systems. You can also setup IP filters for additional security.

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