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Save your IT staff countless hours in just a few minutes with ServiceFirstTM for Azure. Getting started is fast and easy. Here’s how it works.

  • Create an account online
  • Download and install our ServiceFirst Remote Agent to your server That’s it. Our engineers will take it from here.

Let our Microsoft Certified Engineers manage your Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines for you.

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Sign Up and Activation

Download and install our ServiceFirst Remote Agent on your server. You can do this yourself, or one of our engineers can do it for you via remote log in. Once installed, you will see a new icon in your task bar that will expand this menu when clicked.

Remote Monitoring

Our engineers will configure remote monitoring and routinely check on your servers so they always know what’s going on inside them. If any of the monitoring alerts go off, they will immediately be able to log in and troubleshoot the issue before it becomes a problem.

Advanced Security

We’ll prompt you to set up Two Factor Authentication so that when you access the remote management portal, we know it’s you and not an intruder. Two Factor uses something you know (your password) and something you have in possession (usually your smartphone) to confirm your identity. That way, if one or the other is lost or stolen, the thief cannot gain access to your systems. You can also setup IP filters for additional security.

Service Tickets and Change Management

When you need help from the Server Intellect team, or something happens that we notice and respond to, a Support Ticket is created. The tickets can be accessed remotely from the control panel, and will give you a real time log of everything that has happened to your server. You can interact with staff and request help from the ticket system.

Reporting and Monitoring of Critical Systems

You will have real time access to powerful reporting and monitoring of your Virtual Machine and it’s Operating System at all times. This information will also be used by Server Intellect MCSE’s to maintain your infrastructure and keep it humming along smoothly.

Memory and Storage Monitoring and Reporting

Our engineers will make sure you never run out of storage or memory by keeping a constant eye on your usage and needs and contacting you if you need to increase your resource allocations. This will help reduce server crashes and increase overall performance.

Proactive Server Maintenance Scheduling

Our engineers will schedule proactive maintenance tasks for your server, and you are free to request your own proactive steps as well. A proactive step is defined as a specific action that is completed routinely. This may be as simple as double checking that the server is running smoothly, or making sure that all software is up to date and applying any updates that are needed. You have the ability to schedule these tasks as do the Microsoft Certified Engineers working on your server.

Proactive Security Measures

Through our remote automation tools we can administer your server’s firewall and make sure to block any intruders or hackers attempting to gain access to it. This task is always supervised by a senior networking engineer to make sure that there are no side effects. The engineers will work with you to ensure that firewall rules only block out the bad guys and all your legitimate traffic still makes it to the server.

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