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HELM 3 PrePropagation Support

PrePropagation Support is a feature available to all customers that allows them to view their website(s) using a domain name …

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Change your Password in HELM 3

The first thing you may want to do is change your Helm login password. This is a simple enough process. …

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How to Add User Accounts in HELM 3 Control Panel

This a basic guide on how to create user level accounts on your VPS or Dedicated Server. These will be …

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Scheduling a Web Application to Run on a Regular Basis in Helm

Yes, you can use the Web Scheduler built into Helm to accomplish this. To configure this you will need to …

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Viewing Error Logs in HELM 3

The Helm Control Panel has a built-in log file system which logs any errors encountered into text files, viewable through …

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HELM 3 How do I Reset my Helm Admin Password

The first thing you may want to do upon receiving your server information is change your Helm Control Panel Administrator …

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Overview of HELM’s DNS Zone Editor

By default, Helm will automatically configure all standard DNS Zones, and provides you the option of adding new DNS Zones. …

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Pointing multiple sub domains to wwwroot in HELM 3

A Domain Alias is basically an extra domain name that points to your primary domain. For example, if ‘’ was …

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How do I Add a Domain Alias in HELM 3?

The Domain Alias menu allows you to Add or Delete Domain Aliases. A Domain Alias is basically an extra domain name that points to …

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How do I Configure a Catch All Account in Helm?

Setting an email address as a Catch-All account through the Helm Control Panel is a quite simple process. Step 1 …

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How do I add an Email Account in Helm 3?

Creating a new email account through version 3 of the Helm Control Panel is a relatively simple process. Log into …

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HELM 3 Create a Virtual Directory

Creating a Virtual Directory for your domain through the Helm Control Panel is easily accomplished. First, log into your HELM …

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Web Site Settings in HELM 3

Every domain has directory browsing, parent paths, and website write permissions settings available to them. To enable or disable any …

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Add Write Permissions to Directory or File using HELM 3

Website Write Permissions allows or disallows your web applications from having the ability to write data to the server. Write permissions should be …

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