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Server Intellect Continues Partnership with SmarterTools

ORLANDO, FL (12/28/2009) – Server Intellect ( proudly announced today that it will continue its very successful partnership with SmarterTools. The company will proceed into 2010 offering the latest version of the SmarterTools Bundle that includes SmarterMail 6.x, SmarterTrack 4.x, and SmarterStats 5.x.

Server Intellect expects this decision to further leverage their commitment to providing the tools that thriving SMBs need. The company attained Microsoft’s Small Business Specialist designation earlier in 2009. SmarterTools has continued to evolve in the industry by providing the kinds of Windows driven applications that organize and automate day-to-day processes for SMBs. The partnership is a powerhouse of skill and strategy. SmarterTools continues to improve these applications and Server Intellect has become well known for having perfected their Windows hosting environments to accommodate them.

SmarterTools recently released SmarterStats 5.x, which provides businesses with tools for enhancing their SEO strategy and attracting new website visitors. The software includes functions for improving search engine raking and visibility, tracking visitor trends, on-page behavior and conversions and for comparing a site against competing sites for keyword performance, among other features.

“Your website is your storefront, and how you prepare your store for business will have a direct impact on how well your business will do online,” says Tim Uzzanti, CEO of SmarterTools. “Ignoring SEO is like having no signs and blank windows in your building. Potential customers will drive past your store, not even realizing you are there. The new features in SmarterStats 5.x will provide businesses with the tools they need to enhance their SEO strategy and attract new website visitors while monitoring analytics to ensure a positive experience for existing customers.”

In addition, SmarterTools recently reached a licensing agreement with Microsoft to extend their patented Exchange ActiveSync technology to more than 15 million end users through the latest version of the SmarterMail mail server. Under the terms of the patent licensing agreement, SmarterMail 6.x users have the ability to synchronize emails, calendars, contacts, and notes between mobile devices in real time using Exchange ActiveSync’s Direct Push technology.

Server Intellect is an exclusive provider of Microsoft services and support. The company currently holds six Microsoft Competencies and feels that this is a major contributing factor in proving them abundantly qualified to provide the best hosting platforms for SmarterTool’s newest product line.

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A subsidiary of Hosting Intellect, LLC Server Intellect is a provider of advanced Windows-based Shared, VPS, Application and Dedicated Web hosting solutions. The company was founded in 2003 and is located in Orlando, Florida.

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