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Server Intellect announces Microsoft SQL 2012 Public Cloud Beta

ORLANDO, FL (3/20/2012) – Server Intellect (, today announces the integration of the latest release of Microsoft SQL Server, 2012, to their Public Cloud Hosted Database services.

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most powerful and recognized SQL database engines available, providing many different levels of functionality and feature sets, from SQL Express which is free of charge and geared towards small databases in isolated environments, and SQL Enterprise, which is feature-rich and meant for high-availability IT infrastructures.

To celebrate this new level of service, Server Intellect is offering existing Public Cloud customers to host one SQL 2012 database free of charge, allowing their customers to take advantage of the new platform and it’s features.

“Getting an early start on offering SQL 2012 on our Public Cloud is something we’ve been planning for and are very excited about,” said Adam Cady, Chief Operating Officer of Server Intellect, “This looks to be the most stable and feature-rich database engine Microsoft has offered to date, and to be able to offer it with at this stage in the game is only going to make us a that much stronger of a contender in the cloud hosting market.”

Following Microsoft’s last release of SQL Server in 2008, the latest version looks to be the most cloud-ready and stable version of SQL Server to date. The improvements made to SQL 2012 include greater uptime, enhanced query performance, and better security features. Also included is the new ‘Business Intelligence’ version of the product.

Since its launch in summer of 2010, the Public Cloud has been one of the most stable and reliable web hosting platforms, and was developed in-house by Server Intellect engineers. With the new addition of WebMatrix into its feature set, it will continue to keep Server Intellect as one of the front runners in the web hosting market.

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Server Intellect (, located in Orlando, Florida, assists businesses and individuals worldwide in achieving their internet technology goals. By offering cloud server hosting, dedicated servers, private cloud servers and complete cloud services coupled with world-class customer service, Server Intellect has become a world-recognized leader in the global web hosting market.

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