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Server Intellect announces WebMatrix integration into Public Cloud

ORLANDO, FL (3/13/2012) – Server Intellect (www.serverintellect.com), today announces the integration of the Microsoft WebMatrix development tool onto their hosted Public Cloud platform.

WebMatrix is a free tool which brings together a web server, a database, and programming frameworks into a single, cohesive experience. WebMatrix allows users and developers to code, test, and deploy both ASP.NET and PHP applications. It also integrates with all versions of Visual Studio for enhanced developer control.

With the integration of WebMatrix into the Public Cloud, Server Intellect customers can now generate and download a single XML file which contains the database. FTP and IIS Manager settings for their website for use with editing within WebMatrix. From there, they can then upload and publish further changes immediately using one single program, rather than managing multiple applications to develop a single site.

”We are very excited to support the WebMatrix platform on our public cloud service.” said Adam Cady, Chief Operating Officer of Server Intellect, “As a Microsoft focused hosting company we have always enjoyed supporting the .NET community and I believe this reaffirms our commitment to that community.”

Since its launch in summer of 2010, the Public Cloud has been one of the most stable and reliable web hosting platforms, and was developed in-house by Server Intellect engineers. With the new addition of WebMatrix into its feature set, it will continue to keep Server Intellect as one of the front runners in the web hosting market.

About Server Intellect
Server Intellect (www.serverintellect.com), located in Orlando, Florida, assists businesses and individuals worldwide in achieving their internet technology goals. By offering cloud server hosting, dedicated servers, private cloud servers and complete cloud services coupled with world-class customer service, Server Intellect has become a world-recognized leader in the global web hosting market.

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