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Dedicated Servers

Included With All Servers
    • Windows Server Management
    • Monitoring and Rapid Response
    • Disaster Planning and Recovery
    • 14 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
    • Backups of Your Critical Data
    • Enterprise Cloud
    • Complete Managed Security
    • 24/7/365 Expert U.S. Support
    • Secure VPN Access
    • Proactive Maintenance
    • Free Server Migration
    • Free Setup
14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Dedicated Servers

Server Memory Storage Bandwidth Monthly
Intel E3-1230

Quad Core

4 GB DDR3 2 x 500 GB 10 TB$299Order Now
Intel E3-1230

Quad Core

8 GB DDR3 2 x 1.00 TB 10 TB$339$279(Limited Time)Order Now
Intel E5520

Dual Quad Core

16 GB DDR3 2 x 1.00 TB 10 TB$349Order Now
Intel E5-2620

Single Hex Core

8 GB DDR3 2 x 500 GB 10 TB$399Order Now
14 day 100% Money Back Guarantee Contact Us
Intel E5620

Dual Quad Core

24 GB DDR3 2 x 2.00 TB 10 TB$399$379(Limited Time)Order Now
Intel E5-2620

Dual Hex Core

16 GB DDR3 4 x 500 GB 10 TB$569Order Now
Intel E5-2620

Dual Hex Core

32 GB DDR3 4 x 240 GB 10 TB$739$529(Limited Time)Order Now
Enterprise Series Upto 1TB
1TB-100TB Varies Varies Contact Us
Contact us for help with your solution Contact Us
Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

For over 10 years, Server Intellect has engineered, built, and maintained thousands of Windows dedicated servers in data centers all over the world. We follow best practices and take into consideration performance, security, disaster recovery, and budget.

All of our dedicated servers are completely customizable and backed by our ServiceFirst Supportâ„¢ Team. We can help you get the exact configuration you’re looking for and support you every step of the way. Consider it dedicated hosting without the headaches.

Dedicated Server hosting is ideal for high traffic web sites of more than three thousand visitors per day that need higher resource usages. You will get the ENTIRE server for your own use, including administrative (root) access. If you require more power and control of your website hosting or have a high traffic site or have sensitive data that requires the highest security, then a Dedicated Server is the ideal choice.

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