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Two-Factor Authentication

Enterprise Security with Two-Factor

Two-Factor App

Take the extra step and strengthen your server’s security with Two-Factor Authentication provided by the experts at Server Intellect.

With Two-Factor Authentication, you gain more control over your login process by adding a second verification checkpoint after your first user/password login attempt. Your added security can prevent hackers with compromised passwords from obtaining your most valuable data. Two-Factor is free and fully integrated with all servers.

What is Two-Factor, and why should we use it?


Many organizations protect local and remote logins with a simple username and password that can be easily guessed or cracked. Malicious viruses, spyware and hackers can capture these passwords to exploit and hack into servers. Two-Factor is simply an extra security measure in your login process that let’s you approve or deny any login attempts by verifications sent to your personal phone. With Two-Factor Authentication, you can greatly reduce the risk of your servers being hacked due to compromised or stolen passwords.

How it Works

In most cases, your initial user/password credentials are your first and only key to granting access to your server and may never be verified for authenticity. Two-Factor secures that verification process by sending you a confirmation request that you can approve or deny every time your password is submitted during login. Once you have successfully submitted your initial credentials, your personal registered device will receive a verification request for user authentication. Only when the authenticity has been checked and approved by you, will the login process grant you permission and connect you to your server. Two-Factor is the most practical way to strengthen authentication and protect any important data from being stolen.

Two-Factor Diagram

Choice of Authentication Methods

Your Two-Factor verification process is tailored to provide you with complete security and control when accessing your server anywhere through RDP. Whether your personal registered device is a land-line, mobile phone, or smartphone, Two-Factor provides you with four convenient methods of sending out verification requests no matter where you login from. After every login attempt, you are given the option to pick your verification method. Choose between answering a phone call with keypad response verification, receive a text message containing numeric passcodes for validation, or utilize our Two-Factor Mobile App to generate a bypass code or approve requests with one-tap authentication. Two-Factor was designed to make sure your server management experience is easy and, most importantly, completely secure.


Two-Factor Tutorials

Need help? Here are some tutorials to help you get familiar with Two-Factor and how to use it.

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