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Two-Factor Setup

How to Setup Two-Factor Authentication through Unity

Platform: Mobile and Web Application

Difficulty: Easy

Estimated Completion Time: 5m +

Updated: 7/17/2013

This article will explain how to setup Two-Factor Authentication for your servers through Unity Control Panel.

Step 1

First you will need to login to your unity account. Go to, fill in your Username and Password and click Sign In.


Step 2

Navigate down to Services in the sidebar and select the Servers sub-category. Next, select the server you would like to add Two-Factor Authentication to from your list of servers.


Step 3

Next, click Security in the top menu tab then select Two-Factor sub-menu tab to get to the Two-Factor Authentication section. Below there will be a pre-written ticket requesting our ServiceFirst Support to setup and install two factor onto the server you selected. A server reboot is required in order for Two-Factor to be fully installed. If you have a specific time you would like your server to be rebooted, please specify in the ticket and our Support team will plan accordingly. Click Submit and allow our Support Team to setup Two-Factor for you.


Step 4

Once Two-Factor has been setup and installed, navigate back to the Two-Factor sub-menu tab. Now you will have the option to activate or deactivate Two-Factor at will. You can also use Unity as a method to generate a bypass code when accessing your server through RDP. Next, if you would like Two-Factor authentication to be sent to your mobile or landline phone, start by clicking Add Phone


Step 5

Choose between Mobile or Landline and fill in the Phone Number you wish to send passcodes to and select the appropriate mobile phone Platform. Make sure to check Send Activation SMS before clicking Submit.


Step 6

You will recieve a SMS text message shortly after submitting similar to the one pictured below. Tap the first link to Download the Two-Factor Application. After the application is finished downloading, tap the second link to Activate and Sync your account to your new Two-Factor Mobile Application.


Step 7

Now you can now retrieve Two-Factor passcodes for your specified login through your smartphone application by simply pressing the Key Icon under your account name.


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