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CDP Backups: How They Work

Server Intellect is proud to offer R1 Soft’s CDP Enterprise level disaster recovery software. CDP offers a block level backup schema that runs incremental backups with as many retention points as you would like.

An incremental backup is a backup method in which multiple backups are kept (not just the last one). These backups will be incremental if each original piece of backed up information is stored only once, and then successive backups contain only the information that changed since the previous backup.

Retention points are the amount of save points that are to be stored within a disk safe. For instance, if CDP is configured to backup up once a day, and you have seven retention points, then you will have seven days worth of backups available. The more retention points that you have, the larger the size of your backup usage.

By default we configure your account to keep seven retention points, but you have the ability to log in and change the amount of retention points based off of your needs.

CDP is a powerful application that allows for a variety of disaster recovery options, most importantly Bare Metal Restores. This type of restore allows us to restore the entire server (files, settings, permissions…everything) to a new server should there be a catastrophic event that takes the server offline. Although you cannot select individual files to be backed up, as the entire drive is backed up at the block level, you do have the ability to restore individual files.

Backups are run over the private network so that your public network is not impacted by the traffic or the bandwidth usage.

If you wish to manage your backups, you can locate the credentials for your account within the Unity Control Panel where the rest of your account logins are located.

For our clients that are hosting on dedicated servers we offer a complimentary 20 GB backup account. Please note that if a dedicated client were to exceed that 20 GB cap, then they would be automatically upgraded to the 30 GB backup account and automatically billed for the total usage, including the original 20 GB offering. Please ask our Sales team for current pricing information.

If this backup solution does not work for you for any reason, please feel free to contact our Support team so that they can present you with other options to suit your needs.

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