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Edit your Enterprise Backups Sets

If you have been notified that you have exceeded your allotted backup space and wish to reduce the files that are currently being backed up, or you have noticed that important data is not being backed up, you can modify the backup “set” that your server processes every night.

Step 1

To do so, open the Backup for Workgroup client.


Step 2

Once open, click “Tools” and select “Manage Backup Sets…”


Step 3

Click next at the following screen:


Step 4

Select “Modify an existing backup set” and click next


Step 5

The default backup set is named “All Local Drives”. Click “Next”.


Step 6

The next screen will display what folders/files are being backed up. By default, this will include all hard drives, system registry, and the “My Documents” folder. You can expand each option to specify which files are backed up or not backed up by checking and unchecking the box to the left of the folder/files.


Step 7

Once you have specified the files you want backed up, click “Next”. The following screen will allow you to schedule the backup set.


Step 8

The next screen will allow you to exclude any unwanted data. By default, “Exclude the recycle bin, swap and paging files” is checked. Click “Next”.


Step 9

This page has a few options, most important is the notification email address. By default, this emails so that we can automatically monitor backups. If you wish to change this, you may. Click “Next”.


Step 10

On the following page, click “Finish”, and you’re all set. Please note that if you have been notified that you have exceeded your backup space, it will take a full 7 days to recalculate your new space usage, as the backup service keeps 7 days worth of backup revisions. Please respond to the email you received and specify that you have modified your backup set and request an update in 7 days on the amount of space your new set is using.

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