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How to Restore a File using Enterprise Data Backup

You can restore files and folders on your Dedicated Server by accessing the Backup for Workgroups client on your Server.

If you cannot locate the Backup for Workgroups Icon you should be able access it by using Start > Run and pasting this line into the run command:

“C:\Program Files\Lockstep\BackupForWorkgroups Client\BackupClient.exe”

Once you have loaded up the Backup for Workgroups client you can select the Restore arrow on the left hand side to bring up the restore options.


In most cases you will be using only the “Selected Files” option. When you click on the selected files option button you will be presented with following menu.


First you need to select the file or folders you wish to restore from the left hand file menu by checking the box next to them. Then select the revision of the file from the list at the top. Server Intellect retains up to 7 days worth of backups so there can be up to 7 different versions of the file. Just select the version you would like by the date it was backed up, and then select where to restore. You can either restore over top of the existing file by selecting “Restore to original location” or you can choose an alternate folder to restore the file or folders to by selecting the “Restore to this location” option. Typically you should not need to re-construct the folder paths unless the entire directory structure was lost. As you can see in the above example we have chosen to restore the boot.ini file from 10/28 and we are restoring it to the temp directory.

Once you hit the “Begin Restore” button the restore operation will commence.


Once it is complete hit the close button and the files should be restored. You will be returned to the main menu and can then exit the program.

You can also select the rollback option if you would like to return any files or folders to a previous version.


When you select this option you will be prompted to select the files and folders you wish to restore and the date you wish to restore them to. Please note this will overwrite any existing copies of the files so use this option with care.

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