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Migrating DNS from HELM to Hosted DNS

Follow the instructions below, and feel free to contact Support with any questions you may have.

Step 1

First, log into your HELM and navigate to the DNS Zone Editor for the domain you wish to migrate.


Step 2

There are only 3 columns we have to transfer over to Hosted DNS; Record Name, Type and Data.

In a new window, log into the Unity customer portal and navigate to “My Services” and Click on “Hosted DNS“.

Click the “Click here” link to add a Domain Name to Hosted DNS.

Enter the Domain name as it appears in HELM. In this example, we would enter ““.

For the IP address field, you will want to grab the “Data” value for the “www” record name from HELM. In this example, we would enter ““.


Step 3

Click the “Add Domain” button to add the domain.

When adding a domain in Hosted DNS, it will automatically create multiple records for the domain using the provided IP address from before. In Hosted DNS, the DNS Records are grouped by the type of record they are.

Edit Records

You will now want to Edit the records to match the records from HELM. You can also Add new records, or Delete records you do not need.

Click the “Edit” link next to a record you wish to update. Edit the appropriate information, and Click the “Update” link when ready.


Step 4

Repeat this for all records until they match the original entries in HELM.

Add Records

To Add a new record, Click the “Click here” link under the appropriate record type section.

Fill out the “Record” field and “Address field” with the information from HELM. Click the “Add” link when ready to add the record.


Step 5

Continue to Add, Edit, or Delete records until the information on this page matches the records on the DNS Zone Editor page in HELM.

Name Servers

Once all DNS records have been copied from HELM to Hosted DNS, verify all the records are correct. DNS changes can take 24-48 hours to update throughout the internet, so you want to be sure they are correct.

To¬†migrate the DNS for your domain to Hosted DNS, the last step is to change your name servers. You will need to log into the domain’s registrar and update the name servers to be the following:

Within 48 hours, your domain’s DNS¬†will start using Hosted DNS.

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