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Scheduling a Web Application to Run on a Regular Basis in Helm

Yes, you can use the Web Scheduler built into Helm to accomplish this.

To configure this you will need to start by logging into the control panel with your username and password.

Step 1

Now you will need to click on the Domains icon and then select the domain name you wish to edit.


Step 2

Now click on the Web Scheduler icon located at the bottom of the screen.


Step 3

Click on the Add New button at the bottom of the list to add a new web schedule.


Step 4

Now select a name for the task and then select the domain name the script is on from the drop down. You can only select domains hosted by your accounts. Then fill in the path and the script name and select a schedule.


The example drop down will give you a reference for how to schedule the task, but the scheduler uses the standard crontab format.

Here is a reference for it.

  • Week Day – A value of 0-7 for the day of the week, 0 being Sunday.
  • Month Day – A value of 1-31 for the day of the month.
  • Month – Value of 1-12 for the month of the year.
  • Minute – Value 0-59 for the Minute of the hour you wish to run.
  • Hour – Value of 0-23 for the hour of the day you wish to run.

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