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How to Assign a Domain a Dedicated IP Address in Helm

The HELM Control Panel provides an easy way to assign any hosted domain it’s own Dedicated IP address. By default, HELM will place any hosted domains on your server’s Shared IP address, a single address which can be utilized to host hundreds of sites. When a site needs a Dedicated IP address, for such instances as adding an SSL Certificate for a domain, this is easily accomplished.

Step 1

First, you will need to login to the HELM Control Panel as ‘admin‘.


Step 2

Once logged in, click on the icon which says, ‘Domains‘.


Step 3

Select the domain you wish to assign the Dedicated IP address to. Let’s choose ‘‘.


Step 4

On the primary domain page in HELM, click on the ‘Web Site Settings‘ icon.


Step 5

Here, the page will display the IP address of the web site. As you can see, it is currently set to utilize this server’s Shared IP address, ending in ‘.49’. Click the drop-down button below, and select any IP address which says ‘(Dedicated)‘ next to it. Let choose the only available Dedicated IP address on this server, ending in ‘.50’. Once selected, click ‘Save‘.


Step 6

As you can see, the IP address is assigned, and domain’s settings in both IIS and DNS settings on your server will be automatically updated with the new IP address.


The amount of available Dedicated IP addresses will vary depending on whether you have a Virtual or Dedicated Server, and also which programs you choose to have installed on the server. For instance, if you ordered your server with the HELM Control Panel and the SmarterTools Suite, 4 IP addresses will be assigned as Dedicated IPs specifically for these applications during the server’s provisioning process. The scheme for IP address use is as follows:

  • 1st IP – SmarterMail
  • 2nd IP – HELM Control Panel
  • 3rd IP – SmarterStats
  • 4th IP – Shared IP address for all hosted domains, including Sub-Domains, and FTP connectivity.

For Virtual Servers, this will allow one available IP address for use as a domain’s Dedicated IP address. For Dedicated Servers, this will allow for five available IP addresses.

You can always order additional Dedicated IP addresses for your server at any time, by contacting either our Technical Support, Sales or Billing Departments, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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