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VPS & Dedicated Server Quick Start Guide in Helm

This guide is intended as quick walktrough for our clients new to the Helm Control Panel. This walkthrough will show you how to add a domain name and basic services such as email and statistics to the VPS or Dedicated server.

Step 1

First thing you need to do is log into your control panel for your server. We have provide a maintenance domain name at no charge with each account that is used to access the services on the system. The naming convention is You can access your control panel at The login information will be provided in your unity customer portal in your server details page.


Step 2

There are two login names provided here. The “admin” login is the administrative login for HELM. It is essentially the super user account for HELM and controls administrative tasks. You cannot add domain names to the system directly under the admin account within HELM. Domains can only be added to user accounts. The useradmin login is just a plain user account. It is installed with a plan that has virtually no limits. This is the account that should be used to add domains to your system. When adding a new domain to the system you should login with this account.


Step 3

After you login with the useradmin account you need to click on the domains icon to add a new domain to the server.


Step 4

This brings up the list of domains under the current account. Then you need to click on the “Add New” button to add a domain to your server.


Step 5

Now you need to enter the domain name you wish to add the to server and hit the “Save” button.


Step 6

After the domain is added you will be returned to the list of domain names. Click on the domain name you just added and you will be presented with the options for that domain.


Step 7

Click on the Email Accounts (POP3) icon to add an email address to your server. Click on the “Add New” button to add a new email address to your domain.


Now type in the desired email address as well as the password and click on the save button.

You can now access this email address at your webmail site or you can use the information to configure your email client such as Outlook.

Step 8

Now to add statistics to your domain click on the domains link of the left hand side of the browser.


Step 9

Then select your new domain name again from the list to get back to the main menu for your domain.
Now select the Statistics Icon from the menu, and click on the enable button under the Advanced Statistics section.


Step 10

You should now be able to access your site’s statistics pages at


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