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URL Rewrite to Redirect WWW to non-WWW using IIS 7

URL ReWrite on all IIS 7+ dedicated and private cloud servers. Note: Requires the URL ReWrite Module for IIS 7 …

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How to Connect to IIS 7 Remote Manager

To connect to the IIS 7 Remote Manager, simply open up the program and click “File” and then “Connect to …

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How do I Install IIS7 Manager?

IIS 7 Remote Manager is available for Both Windows XP, and Windows Vista SP1 or later. Here’s the step-by-step tutorial …

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How do I Import a .htaccess File into IIS 7.5?

One of the major upgrades done to IIS 7.5 is the addition of the ability to import ‘.htaccess’ files which …

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How do I Enable Parent Paths in IIS 7?

The process of enabling Parent Paths for sites using Classic ASP has been more simplified in IIS 7 from it’s …

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How do I Create an IIS 7 Manager Users Account?

First, open IIS by navigating to “Start –> Administrative Tools –> IIS”. Click on your IIS Server. Scroll down and …

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How do I Add a Site Manually in IIS 7.5

Log into the server, open IIS, and select the server name (eg. SVxxxx) from the left menu. Click the “+” …

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How to Set File Upload/Download Size Limits in IIS 6?

When trying to upload files over 200KB on IIS 6, the file may never upload and you either get an …

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How do I Fix a HTTP Error 401.3 Error on a Webpage using IIS?

If the web site is displaying the following error it typically means that the site does not have permissions to …

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How do I Turn a Folder in an Application in IIS 6?

To create an application in IIS6 follow these steps: Open IIS, Click on ‘Start > Run > inetmgr’ Expand the …

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How do I Fix a “Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)” Error on a Webpage using IIS?

Typically when a web site is displaying the follow error it means that the site is not listening on the …

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How do I Enable Parent Paths in Classic ASP using IIS 6?

Enabling Parent Paths for any site running on IIS 6.0 can be accomplished very easily. First, you would log into …

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How do I Backup my IIS 6 Configuration?

Before making any major site changes or in preparation of the deployment of new websites, backing up the current configuration …

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How do I Add a Custom Error Page in IIS 6?

This first step is to log into the web server where the site is hosted. Now, open up IIS Manager …

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