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How do I Import a .htaccess File into IIS 7.5?

One of the major upgrades done to IIS 7.5 is the addition of the ability to import ‘.htaccess’ files which contain URL rewrite rules. Previously, in IIS 6.0, third-party applications were required for this function, however with IIS 7.5, there is a module available for download which integrates seamlessly into IIS. It can be downloaded directly from Microsoft via this link

Once the module is installed, open up IIS Manager, by navigating to ‘Start –> Administrative Tools –> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

Expand the server name, expand the ‘Sites‘ folder, and click on the site in question you wish to import the rules for. You should see an icon underneath the ‘IIS‘ heading which says ‘URL Rewrite‘, double-click it to open.

From there, on the right hand side of the page, click on the option for ‘Import Rules‘.

This will open a new page, and at the top, you see a ‘Configuration file‘ heading. Click the ‘…’ on the right hand side of this field. Then, navigate to the physical directory where the ‘.htaccess‘ file is located. Select it, and click on ‘Open‘.

IIS should then display the rule set included in the file under the ‘Rewrite rules‘ heading. You can review them, and make any dneeded adjustments. Once you have reviewed them, click on ‘Import‘.

Your URL rewrite rules should then be incorporated into the site and they should function properly.

If you need any assistance with this process, or encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact our Technical Support Department.

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