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Generating a SSL Certificate CSR

To generate a SSL Certificate Log in to your VPS or Dedicated Server

Step 1

Open the IIS Mangager


Step 2

Right Click on your website and choose Properties


Step 3

Click on the Directory Security tab and then click on Server Certificate


Step 4

Click Next to proceed


Step 5

Choose Create a new certificate and click Next to proceed


Step 6

Choose Prepare the request now, but send it later and click Next to proceed


Step 7

Enter the exact domain name that you wish to secure and click Next to proceed


Step 8

Enter the Company Name and Unit that you wish displayed and click Next to proceed


Step 9

Enter the EXACT domain name that you wish secured and click Next to proceed


Step 10

Enter your State and City (not abbreviated) and click Next to proceed


Step 11

Save your CSR as “C:\certreq – domainname.txt” and click Next to proceed


Step 13

Verify that your information is correct and click Next to proceed


Step 14

Click Finish to complete your CSR request


Step 15

Navigate to C:\ and open the .txt file you created.  The highlighted text is your CSR.


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