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How do I Impersonate Email User in SmarterMail?

SmarterMail 4: Log into SmarterMail as Admin. Navigate to “Manage“. Click “Impersonate User” from the dropdown menu. Enter the email …

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How do I Enable User Account as Domain Administrator in SmarterMail?

Log into SmarterMail as admin. Right-click the domain you wish to manage, select “Settings” and click “Users“. Right-click the user …

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How do I Check Mailbox Disk Usage for a Domain in SmarterMail?

Log in to SmarterMail as the admin. SmarterMail v4: Next to the Domain in question, click Actions. Click Domain Disk …

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How do I Change the Domain Size Limit on Existing Domain in SmarterMail?

SmarterMail 4: Click on Actions next to the Domain in question. Click Edit Domain. Click the Limits tab. Enter the …

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How do I Change SmarterMail DNS Server Settings?

Log into SmarterMail as admin. Click on the “Settings” icon at the top. Click on “General Settings” in the left …

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How do I Change Outgoing IP Address for Email Domain in SmarterMail?

Log into SmarterMail as the master admin or domain administrator account. Right-click the domain for which you wish the change …

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How do I Add Language Packs to SmarterMail?

Depending on your version, download the appropriate file below to the server: SmarterMail 10: SmarterMail 10 Language Pack SmarterMail 9: …

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Enabling AstraSync for Blackberry

This article will describe how to install and configure AstraSync on your Blackberry phone. Open the Blackberry browser on your …

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Enabling ActiveSync on the iPhone

On your iPhone’s home screen, tap ‘Settings‘. Navigate to ‘Mail‘, then ‘Contacts‘, and then ‘Calendars‘, tap the option for ‘Add …

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Enabling ActiveSync for Android

On your Android device, access the ‘Settings‘ menu. Access ‘Accounts & Sync‘, navigate to ‘Add Account‘, and select ‘Corporate‘. Enter …

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Creating an Auto Responder for Email in Smartermail 8

To set up the Auto-Responder, simple log into your Smartermail account. Once logged in, simple click on ‘Settings‘ on the …

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Where do I Find my FTP Credentials for Cloud Hosted Websites?

Your FTP credentials for any hosted websites can easily be found in the Unity Control Panel. First, log in using …

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What IP Addresses are used in the Public Cloud?

As the Public Cloud grows, and more servers are added or replaced, the IP addresses used to send traffic may …

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Static MachineKey on your Public Cloud

This article will explain how to set a static MachineKey on your Public Cloud platform. In many cases, the ASP.Net …

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