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How to Add a Domain to SmarterMail

First you will need to login to your SmarterMail server with your “Admin” account. Please login to the Unity Customer Portal in …

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How to Change the Hostname in SmarterMail

Changing the Hostname in SmarterMail is quickly and easily accomplished by following a few steps. Step 1 First, log in …

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User Throttling SmarterMail v6

Log in to SmarterMail as the system administrator. Click on Manage in the main tool bar. Expand the Domains folder. …

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How to Change a Domain’s IP Address in SmarterMail

By default, all Server Intellect Virtual and Dedicated servers which are ordered with SmarterMail are set to use the server’s …

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Changing the Domain Size Limit in SmarterMail

When a domain is created in SmarterMail, it will be set with a Domain Size Limit, which is the amount …

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Domain Throttling SmarterMail v6

Log in to SmarterMail as the system administrator. Click Manage in the main toolbar. Expand the Domains folder. Click All …

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Changing Log File Detail Levels in SmarterMail 5

Setting the level of detail included in the log files for Version 5 of SmarterMail is a quick and simple …

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How to Change Admin Password in SmarterMail

How to change admin password in SmarterMail If you ever need to reset your SmarterMail password you may follow these 4 …

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Modify Disk Space Quota in SmarterMail 5

In order to increase the disk space quota in SmarterMail 4, you must log in to SmarterMail with username “admin” …

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Promoting an Email User to a Domain Administrator

Promoting a normal email user to an Administrator in SmarterMail will give them the ability to make authoritative changes for …

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SmarterMail Error: ‘IPC Port: Access is Denied’

If you have recently installed the latest version of SmarterMail on your server, and are now receiving an error message …

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‘Bad Data’ Error upon logging into SmarterMail 3

Version 3 of SmarterMail was designed to use Version 1.1 of ASP.NET, and will return a specific Bad Data error …

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SmarterMail Maximum Message Size Limit

To find out the SmarterMail Maximum message size limit Log into SmarterMail Navigate to Settings -> Protocal Settings -> SMTP …

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How to set up DomainKeys in SmarterMail v5

One of the most advantagoues features of version 5 of SmarterMail is the implementation of DomainKeys, used as a method …

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