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New Features in SmarterMail v5.x

SmarterMail v5
Enhanced Spam Prevention
SmarterMail 5.x delivers up to 99% spam protection right-out-of-the-box. SmarterMail 5.x antispam features now allow users to customize the level of protection with flexible configurations on multiple antispam processes.

New Optimized Interface Design
SmarterMail 5.x introduces the entirely new STInterfaceFramework, a richly rendered and efficient web interface with AJAX controls that bring the performance of desktop applications to the Web.

Security Enhanced
The new SmarterMail 5.x interface adds a new Security Section to support the existing security features and add even more protections. With the introduction of these new features, the security scheme will often be referred to as the “DETECT, PREVENT, and LIMIT” foundation.

All New Events System
SmarterMail 5.x is one of the first Mail Servers designed to be Event-driven. There are now a virtually infinite number of Event configurations that can be created and used to provide notifications and—more importantly—cause specific pre-defined actions to be implemented. There is almost no end to the number and types of Events that can be defined.

All New Reminders System
Reminders and Notifications now have distinctive pop-up displays, available audible chimes, and effective management features.

All New Notification Profiles
Individual users can be informed via SMS text message or email to any address when a specific email arrives in their mailbox, an appointment reminder has occurred, their mailbox is getting full, and much more.

Advanced Reporting System
SmarterMail 5.x introduces the new STReportingFramework which uses real-time mail server statistics, historical summary reporting, and detailed trend analysis to create one of the most flexible and robust reporting capabilities on the market.

Throttling has been added to allow system administrators to limit the number of messages, amount of bandwidth, and/or the number of bounced messages that will be allowed to or from a domain, user, or mailing list in a given amount of time to prevent system abuse. Actions can be automated based upon the throttling parameters to prevent abuse in real-time.

Improved Calendaring
New calendar views, an enhanced reminder system, and availability views have been added to the calendaring functions.

Advanced Message Composition
Composing and sending a message is easier and more efficient with multiple composition pop-ups, background uploading of attachments, additional editing and formatting options, and much more.

Much More!
SmarterMail 5.x adds numerous general performance enhancements, interface advances, and changes to default settings to help users and administrators use SmarterMail more effectively.

Please see SmarterMail 5 overview

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