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Recommended Anti-Spam Settings for SmarterMail 4

Global Default Domain Anti-Spam Settings

Unless a domain or individual user account has selected to override the default settings, these Anti-Spam settings will be applied to all Domains and User accounts on the system. See the sections below to modify individual Domain or User account settings as well.

To configure the global default domain Anti-Spam settings, follow the instructions below.

Log into SmarterMail as Admin.

Navigate to the Security tab at the top, and Click on Anti-Spam Administration.


This page shows you the main configuration options, including which rules are currently enabled for filtering.
We recommend the following settings:

Enable for Filtering:

  • SpamAssassin
  • Bayesian Filtering
  • DomainKeys
  • SPF
  • Reverse DNS
  • RBL: SpamCop
  • RBL: SpamHaus ZEN

Enabled for Incoming SMTP Blocking:

  • SPF
  • Reverse DNS
  • RBL: SpamCop
  • RBL: SpamHaus ZEN


Click Edit next to “SpamAssassin
We recommend changing the following settings:

Client Timeout: 45 Seconds

Max Attempts per Message: 3

Failures Before Restart: 3

Server Timeout: 2


Click Save when finished.


Click Edit next to “Bayesian Filtering“.


We recommend changing the following settings:

Messages required for filter update: 500


Click Save when finished.

  • To Add RBL lists, click the “Add RBL List” button at the top.
  • To Add the SpamCop RBL list, enter the following details:

Name: SpamCop

Weight: 10

IP Address:



Name: SpamHaus ZEN

Weight: 10

IP Address:



To automatically block messages from entering the Spool that are over 60 on the Weight scale, Click on the SMTP Blocking tab.

Check the box next to “Incoming Weight Threshold” and set it to 60.


Click Save.

Domain Anti-Spam Administration

If you are logged into SmarterMail as Admin and you want to modify an individual Domain’s Anti-Spam settings, Navigate to the Manage icon at the top and Click Manage Domains.

Click Actions next to the Domain you wish to edit, and Click “Domain Spam Filtering


Under the Options tab, you can either set the domain to use the Global Domain Anti-Spam Defaults (Use default spam settings), or you can override the defaults and customize the rules (Override spam settings for this domain).

If you want to customize the domain’s Spam settings, select the “Override spam settings for this domain” option and Click Save.

Click on the Actions tab.

Here you can modify the Weights that are applied for each spam check, however, we recommend you leave the Weight settings at their default values.

The easiest thing to modify is the Probability of Being Spam settings below the Current Weights section.

The default values are to mark the email message’s subject with “SPAM-LOW”, “SPAM-MED”, and “SPAM-HIGH” depending on the Weight of the email message. The more spam filters the email message triggers, the higher the Weight of the message will be, which in turn decides which action to take on the message.

You can change the Weights and Actions of each of the Probability sections to meet your needs.

We recommend the following settings.

Low Probability of Being Spam:

Weight: 10

Action: Add Text to Subject (SPAM-LOW: )

Medium Probability of Being Spam:

Weight: 20

Action: Add Text to Subject (SPAM-MED: )

High Probability of Being Spam:

Weight: 30

Action: Move to Junk E-Mail folder


User Spam Filtering Settings

When logged in as an individual user,┬áNavigate to the “Settings” tab at the top, Click on “My Spam Filtering“.


To override the domain’s default spam settings, choose the “Override spam settings for this account” option and Click Save.

Click on the “Actions” tab.

You may now adjust the Low/Medium/High Probability of Being Spam Actions to best fit your needs. The only thing end-users can change for their Anti-Spam settings is the Action to take on different predefined probabilities of Spam. To change the actual settings the Spam Filters use to determine the level of probable Spam, you must be either a Domain Administrator or SmarterMail Admin.

For SmarterMail v5 Anti-Spam Settings, visit our article here.

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