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Using SPAM filters in SmarterMail

There’s no doubt about it, SPAM (Unsolicited Commercial EMail) has grown beyond being a minor inconvenience.

The SmarterMail Mail Server software product that is used by Server Intellect uses multiple SPAM checks to determine the probability of SPAM.

These include by are not limited to: Bayesian Filtering, ORDB 10 SPAM List, SPAMCop SPAM List, SPAMHaus SBL+XBL SPAM List.

If the email fails one of the SPAM checks above, the software adds a SPAM Weight of 10 to the email.

The total weight of all failed tests is what comprises the total SPAM weight for the email.

If the email has a total SPAM Weight of 10, the email is flagged as SPAM LOW.
If the email has a total SPAM Weight of 20, the email is flagged as SPAM MED.
If the email has a total SPAM Weight of 30 or more, the email is flagged as SPAM HIGH.

You may have already noticed some of your email containing ‘SPAM LOW’, ‘SPAM MED’ or ‘SPAM HIGH’ in the subject line.

This in itself is not very aggressive.

What you may not realize is that you can modify the filters for your email account to make this much more aggressive, and even catch more SPAM that the basic filters already do.

Let’s go over using the SmarterMail SPAM and Content Filtering features available to you.

If you have an active domain with Server Intellect, you can log in to Webmail by visiting is your web browser. Be sure to replace with your actual domain name. mail is a global sub domain configured for your domain by default.



In this example we’re going to override the default SPAM Filtering actions with custom actions.

When you first log in to the Webmail Interface you will need to expand the Settings menu at the top of the page.

Choose My SPAM Filtering


This will take you to the SPAM Filtering Options page.


Choose to Override the Default SPAM Settings

For email that has a LOW probability of SPAM (Score of 10) we’re going to simply make sure the subject contains SPAM LOW:

For email that has a Medium probability of SPAM (Score of 20) we’re going to move this to the Junk Email folder. After all, the sending server is on at least 1 SPAM list. It’s a good chance this could be SPAM.

For email that has a High probability of SPAM (Score of 30 or more) you can be pretty certain that this is in fact SPAM. The sending mail server is on at least 2 SPAM Lists and contains known SPAM signatures. We’re going to delete this email message.


The above method is a good example on how you can better handle email marked as SPAM.

Advanced Bayesian SPAM Filtering

Bayesian Filtering is a statistical method of SPAM detection.

Bayesian filtering uses the probability that certain words appearing in email are SPAM to identify emails that are likely SPAM.

When you read your email in the Webmail client choosing the Mark as SPAM option will delete the message, and add it to a list of SPAM messages for better SPAM protection later. This type of SPAM filtering, where you actually “teach” the mail server what you consider unwanted email, is known as “Bayesian Filtering”. It is to your benefit to mark SPAM rather than just deleting it, because it helps you and others avoid that type of mail in the future. If a message is marked as SPAM and it should not have been, choose Unmark as SPAM for the message when viewing it in Junk E-Mail (if available).


Content filtering is an advanced method of performing actions on emails that meet specific criteria. You can use content filters to delete specific messages, forward them to another account, or even alter the subject of specific types of email.

In this example we are going to move email messages that contain the words “2005 Digital Cable Filters” in the Subject OR Body to the Junk Email folder.

When you first log in to the Webmail Interface you will need to expand the Settings menu at the top of the page.

Choose My Content Filtering

Under My Content Filtering choose Add Filter


SmarterMail gives you over 25 Filter criteria to choose from. In this example, we’re going to choose Subject or Body Text under Contains Specific Words or Phrases


Since this is the only criteria we want to match, we’re going to leave this as AND under Filter Type.

Under Criteria Details, we’re going to put in the words “2005 Digital Cable Filters” and click Next.


In the Rule Name box we’re going to call this filter “Custom SPAM Word Filter”.

Under Actions we’re going to choose to move the message to the Junk Email folder.

Click Save


For more information on using the SmarterMail product please visit the SmarterMail online HELP section or contact Server Intellect Technical Support.

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