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Setting up a Domain Manually in SmarterStats

Typically, SmarterStats can be enabled for all hosted domains with the use of the HELM Control Panel. However, for domains which have been set up manually in IIS without the use of HELM, statistics can still be tracked easily in SmarterStats.

Step 1

First, log into SmaterStats as ‘admin’.


Step 2

Once logged in, you will see there are no domains to display. Click ‘New‘ under the Sites heading.


Step 3

There will be three main headings at the top of the next screen, ‘Options‘, ‘Log Location‘, and ‘Log Options‘. Let’s set the Options first.


Step 4

The following options will first need to be set:

  • Site ID: This is a unique identifier given by SmarterStats to differentiate between all sites. It can be any number of your choosing.
  • Server: Leave this setting at ‘localhost’, as it is the server from which the statistics will be located.
  • Site Name: Enter the domain name in this field. It does not have to match the exact domain name, but is rather how SmarterStats will display the site on the main page.
  • Time Zone: This can be set to the same as the server’s time zone.
  • Default Documents: Enter the name of the default document for your domain. You can enter multiple documents for multiple default pages.
  • Current Stats: Leave this setting at ‘Start’, so the stats will begin collecting immediately once the settings are saved.
  • Site Administrator Username: Enter your desired username for the specific domain being created.
  • Site Administrator Password: Enter your desired password for the domain administrator

Once all the settings are in place, Click the ‘Log Location‘ button at the top of the screen.


Step 5

Most of the settings in the Log Location window can be left as default, with two notable exceptions:

  • Full Path: This will be the location of your log files. With sites created manually in IIS, each site will be granted a ‘W3SVC’ folder for generating log files, which can vary in detail depending on the Logging options enabled in IIS. These folders are located in ‘C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFiles‘.
  • Auto-Deletion: Here you can specify if you would like SmarterStats to automatically delete it’s log files so they do not accumulate too much space on the server. By default, this option is set to never delete the log files, allowing for the greatest amount of historical detail.

You can further specify options for the statistics in the Log Options page.


Step 6

Here, you can specify the Auto-Deletion settings for the actual SmarterStats Log files, which are generated using the IIS log files. You can also set the physical path on the server where the SmarterStats log files will be kept.

Once all of options are in place, click ‘Save‘.


You now see the domain listed in ‘Sites‘ page, confirming that the statistical data is beginning to accumulate.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact our Technical Support Department for assistance.

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