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Setting up Activesync on SmarterMail

Login to your email address via the SmarterMail web interface and choose the ‘Synchronization Center’. This shows you the available ActiveSync options and what is activated to use your account. Select the device you are using, and it will confirm on the right-hand side if SyncML is enabled for your device.

If ActiveSync is not enabled for your user, you will need to log in to SmarterMail as either an Administrator, right-click on the domain in question, and choose ‘Manage’, effectively logging you into that domain as the Domain Administrator.

Once logged in as the Domain Administrator, on the left-hand menu, choose the ‘Settings’ towards the bottom.

Once inside the ‘Settings’ window, select the option for ‘Users’ in the main management console tree. This will display a list of users on the right-hand side. Right-click on the user you wish to enable ActiveSync for, and choose ‘Edit’.

This will open up a new page with different options for that email user. On the main ‘User’ tab, you will see an option for ‘Enable ActiveSync’. Select it, and then click the ‘Save’ option at the top of the screen.

ActiveSync is now enabled for the email user, and you can now set up your mobile device.

ActiveSync for Blackberry

Blackberrys do not have an ActiveSync native client, and require a third-party application Blackberry to utilize ActiveSync. Currently, there are two programs available to accomodate this:

You must have one of these two third-party applications, along with ActiveSync, in order for your Blackberry to be able to sync wth SmarterMail and your other Microsoft programs and calanders.

For help with installing and enabling AstraSync for your Blackberry, please view the following Knowledge Base article:

ActiveSync for Android

Version 2.2 of the Android or later comes with the native client installed, however prior versions have several options for native clients some options are.

Here is a Knowledge Base article on how to set up Activesynce on an Android phone:

ActiveSync for iPhone OS

No additional third-party software is required for ActiveSync to function on the iPhone, and you can use the instructions in the following Knowledge Base article for enabling ActiveSync on the iPhone.

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