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Server Intellect SQL Server Backup Policy

Does Server Intellect backup our SQL Server databases?
Yes we backup all databases every 3 hours and in addition perform a nightly backup at 11PM CST.

Are the database backups stored offsite?
Yes, the nightly database backups are copied to our offsite data repository server nightly at 1AM CST. The hourly backups are stored locally on the database server on a separate volume.

How many copies of the databases do you keep?
Server Intellect maintains a minimum of seven (7) full daily offsite backups of all databases and a local copy no later than 3 hours old. We can restore a database from as far back as 7 days prior, or as early as up to 3 hours prior.

Will my databases backup at exactly these times?
Due to the number of databases, your particular database may not backup exactly on the hour. Databases are backed up in alphabetical order so depending on the letter your database name starts with, the actual backup time will vary slightly.

Will I be able to choose to restore my database from any of the local copies?
The local copies are overwritten every three hours. In the event of a hardware or application failure occurs, we will be able to restore from the last backup of a maximum of three hours old, or the last daily offsite backup that occurred.

Can I schedule my backups to occur at a different time?
Unfortunately it would be problematic to provide custom backup schedules to all of customers all over the world. If you are interested in a more fine grain control over your database backups we would recommend a dedicated server with a dedicated SQL installation. With this kind of plan we can tailor of backup policy to your needs.

Does this policy apply to my dedicated SQL installation?
We will be applying this backup policy to all future dedicated SQL servers. If you have previously order a dedicated SQL installation we would be happy to apply this new policy to your dedicated server as well. You can request this by logging into the Unity Customer Portal and submitting a support ticket.

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