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How to Reset your ASPDotNetStoreFront Admin login

In the event that you lose your Admin password and are unable to recover it via email, the password can be manually reset in the database.

Always ensure that you have a recent backup of the database before making any changes.

Note: using this method to reset passwords may violate PABP guidelines, and should only be used if there is no other alternative.  On most sites admins may recover a lost password simply by using the lost password function on the admin signin page.


To reset an admin user password:

Connect to your database using SQL Management Studio, Enterprise Manager, or your web based database query tool.

In a new query window, issue the following SQL statement:

UPDATE [Customer]
SET   [Password] = 'your new password here',
[SaltKey] = -1,
[LockedUntil] = DateAdd(mi, -1, GetDate()),
[BadLoginCount] = 0,
[PwdChangeRequired] = 0,
[PwdChanged] = GetDate()
WHERE [Email] = 'your admin email address here'

Execute the query.  It should return:

(1 row(s) affected)

In order for the password to be encrypted you must restart your site.  To do so, use one of the following methods:

Recycle the application pool: some hosts provide the ability to recycle the application through your hosting control panel

Touch the web.config file: ftp into your website, download the web.config file, and open it.  Then save the file and reupload.  Note that it is not typically necessary to change the file, only open it and save it.

Reset IIS: You can restart your web services by going to Start -> Run on the web server.  Type IISReset and press enter.  Note that any websites on the server will be unavailable during the reset.

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