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Community Server Web Installation

Step 1

The first step is to login to the control panel using the user named and password provided in the welcome email.

Once you have logged in click on the Domains icon to bring up the list of domains for this account.


Step 2

Next select the domain from the list you wish to install Community Server on.


Step 3

Next you need to create a database for the Community Server install so click on the Database Manager icon.


Step 4

This will list the database for this domain name, click on the Add New button to add a new database.


Step 5

Now select a name for the database and click the Save button.


Step 6

Next you will need to add a new user to the database by selecting the Add New button. Also its important to note the IP address and port number of the database server on this page as you will need it along with the user name and password later in the install.


Step 7

Now enter the desired user name and password for the database and click Save.


Step 8

Now you will need to download the Community Server Web install files from

Once downloaded, unzip the files in a temporary directory.

Once the files are downloaded and unzipped you will need to use your favorite FTP client to upload the files in the “web” folder into the wwwroot folder on the web server.

After the files have been upload you will need to go back into Helm and under your domain name select the File Manager icon.

Now select the wwwroot folder and then click on the Installer folder.


Step 9

Now click on the default.aspx file to edit it.


Step 10

You will to change the line that reads “bool INSTALLER_ENABLED = false” to “bool INSTALLER_ENABLED = true” as pictured above and save the file.

Now go back to the icons for your domain name in Helm and click on the Web Site Settings icon.

Now change the ASP.NET version on your site to ASP.NET 2.0 and click the Save button.


Step 11

Now open up another web browser and navigate to your domain name /installer. EG: This will load the Community Server Web Install.

The first page is merely a welcome screen, simply click Next to continue.


Step 12

Next check the box to accept the license agreement and click Next.


Step 13

Now input the database IP address and port number from the earlier step, then select SQL Authentication and enter the database user name and password you created and click Next.


Step 14

Now select your database name from the list and click Next.


Step 15

Now select the Community Server Install options (the defaults are usually ok) and click Next.


Step 16

Now input the admin user name and password as well as your email address for the administration login information and click Next.


After this the installation should be complete. remember to go back and edit the default.aspx file in /installer and set it back to “bool INSTALLER_ENABLED = false”.

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