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Do you Support SQLExpress?

Server Intellect does not support SQLExpress on our Web Servers.

SQLExpress has the following resource limitations built into the software:

Only supports a Single Processor (All Web Servers are at least Dual Processor Machines)
Only supports 1 GB RAM
Does not support Management Studio 2005 Tools and Services
Does not support Import/Export
Does not support many of the Enterprise Level Maintenance Tools and Resources that Databases need to function at Peak Performance

Please see the following URL for a comparison of the different versions of SQL Server 2005.

Server Intellect uses separate Web Servers, Database Servers and Mail Servers to provide Enterprise Level Performance, Enterprise Level Maintenance and a Complete Service Isolated Environment.

You should not place database server software on a dedicated Web Server in a Shared Hosting and Service Isolated Environment.

Placing SQLExpress on a dedicated Web Server supporting many websites while allowing all customers to create unlimited SQLExpress databases on the Web Server itself is a recipe for disaster.

By design there are absolutely no limitations placed on the number of databases that a user can create in SQLExpress. A single customer or a small combination of customers can create unlimited SQLExpress databases that could quickly consume the entire 1 GB of Memory that SQLExpress supports. This would result in extremely poor performance for all SQLExpress databases and could effect the Web Server performance as well.

A single busy database or combination of busy databases could also quickly consume the single processor limit that SQLExpress places on the software resulting in extremely poor performance for all SQLExpress databases and could effect the Web Server performance as well.

Allowing customers to create unlimited SQLExpress databases on the Web Server could result in poor performance for all SQLExpress databases, Websites could perform poorly due to resources now being shared with SQLExpress, maintenance and backup routines would not be able to be ran on the databases, Daily Management Scripts, Health Monitoring, Full-text Search, SQL Agent Job Scheduling Service and many more needed services are not be available for SQLExpress databases.

Allowing SQLExpress to run on a shared Web Server is simply not a wise decision.

By using a  Service Isolated Environment and offering SQL Server 2005 with our hosting packages instead of SQLExpress we can guarantee Enterprise Level Uptime, Daily Database Backups, Enterprise Level Performance, and Enterprise Level Tools and Features.

If you must use SQLExpress we highly recommend the Server Intellect TrueVPS package or a full Server Intellect Windows Dedicated Server.

The Server Intellect TrueVPS package and all Server Intellect Windows Dedicated Servers can support Microsoft SQLExpress.

Our Server Intellect TrueVPS packages are equivalent to a single processor, low memory dedicated server and are perfect for a handful of websites and services.

Our Server Intellect TrueVPS packages and Server Intellect Dedicated Servers come loaded with HELM Control Panel, SmarterMail, SmarterStats, and much more.

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