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Configuring PPTP for Windows 7

In the Windows Start Menu go to Control Panel and then choose Network and Internet.

Next choose Network and Sharing Center. Choose “set up a new connection or network“. Underneath that it will be written “Set up a wireless, broadband, dial-up or VPN connection; or set up a router access point”.

On the next pop up window choose “connect to a work place” and then choose “Use my Internet connection (VPN)” .

Enter the internet address bar “”, destination “Server Intellect”, then click Next. Leave everything unchecked.

The next box will ask for your assigned VPN credentials. Enter them and leave the domain name blank. The connection will now try to verify but it will not be able to due to the fact that there are some other configuration changes that need to be made. Therefore hit the “skip” button and let the connection attempt error out and close the program. Cancel it if you have to.

Next you can either access the newly created VPN connection through the quick launch menu in the bottom right of your task bar or you can go to start\Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections. If you choose the former make sure that Under “Dial-up and VPN” The “Server Intellect” VPN does not say “connecting” . If it does stop it. If you choose the latter go to “Change adapter settings” and you should see your newly created VPN connection there. Once again if it says “connecting” stop the connection. Right click on it and choose “Properties

Go to the “Security” tab and change type of VPN to PPTP.

Now choose the “Networking” tab and highlight (TCP/IPv4) and then choose “Properties” and then choose “Advanced“. Uncheck “Use default gateway on remote network” . Click OK until you are off the window.

Now go to the Server Intellect VPN connection right click on it and choose “Connect” . Enter your VPN credentials and you will now be connected via PPTP. Once you see the connection to PPTP has been established the best way to test is to ping your private IP address. If the ping returns then you know the connection has been successful.

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