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Server 2008 Windows Backup Feature Installation

This article will cover the installation of the Windows Server Backup Feature for Server 2008. This feature, used correctly, will allow you to make either a copy of the files on you hard drive from which you can retrieve files or as a backup option to restore your Windows in the case of a catastropic event.

Step 1

The first step will be to install the feature. To do this, you will click on ‘Start‘ and then ‘Server Manager‘. When the Manager comes up, select features:


Step 2

After clicking on ‘Features‘, click on ‘Add Features‘:


Step 3

Once the ‘Add Features‘ comes up, scroll all the way down to the bottom and check the box in front of ‘Windows Server Backup Features‘ and then click ‘Next‘ and start the installation.


Once the Feature is installed, you may access it by going to ‘Administrative Tools‘ and selecting ‘Windows Server Backup‘.

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