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Server 2008 Restoring and Backup Files and Folders

Step 1

In this article we will cover how to restore specific files from previous backup’s back onto the server. To start, click on ‘Start‘ and then ‘Administrative Tools‘ and then select ‘Windows Server Backup‘. In this box, select the ‘Recover‘ option.


Step 2

This will bring up the Recovery Wizard. Make sure the ‘This server‘ option is selected and click ‘Next


Step 3

In this next menu, you will need to select the Date and Time of the backup you wish to restore from. Dates with active backup’s are in Bold. Once you have selected this, click ‘Next‘.


Step 4

In this example, we will be restoring specific files so select ‘Files and folders‘ and then click ‘Next‘.


Step 5

On this menu, select the files or folders you wish to restore and highlight them. Once done, click ‘Next‘.


Step 6

On this menu, we need to specify what options to use. To restore files or folders, we are restoring them to the same location (you may select a different location if you wish to keep the current files intact). In this case, we will be ‘Overwriting’ the existing files with the recovered files. We also recommend putting a check in the ‘Restore security settings’ box to keep the permissions for the files intact. Once done, click ‘Next‘.


Step 7

The page is just a confirmation of everything we have setup to this point. Look it over and click ‘Next‘.


Step 8

The restore process will now proceed to do it’s job and when it is done, the files should be restored from the back up!


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